The traditional process of commercial transport cleaning & sanitization is outdated and flawed in many ways.  A repertoire of spray bottles filled with harsh chemicals, and cross contaminated cloths are utilized to spot clean only “the important” surfaces.


Floraclean understands that in order to provide patrons with a safe, and truly decontaminated environment, it must be attended to from top to bottom. By utilising industry leading iHP Fogging and Electrostatic technology our technicians 3 Dimensionally, 360 degree FluidWrap the cabin with bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal solutions. Our top to bottom approach is effectively completed within a similar timeframe as to a general cabin cleaning (declutter, surface wipe) making the service accessible in short timeframe layovers or stoppages.


Our decontamination services provide both business owner and patron with the peace of mind that the proper measures are being taken to encourage the biosafety of all passengers. Floraclean effectively prevents and protects your place of business before, during, and after times of outbreak or pandemic.

disinfection fogging


Utilizing state of the art ULV microbial foggers, Ecoshine Wash effectively conducts rapid and widespread touchless disinfection within a matter of minutes.


An ionized dry mist of Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) effectively burrows into all nooks of the cabin, killing all Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses present on a molecular level.


Dry fog technology is liquid and residue free, and completely safe on technological and electronic hardware. iHP replaces harmful alternative processes such as formaldehyde or chlorine-based applications that are both time consuming, and hazardous.


After a short dwell time of approximately 30 minutes, our Peroxide solution evaporates leaving a sterilized and safe environment for staff and patrons.


  • 6  log disinfection, medical grade

(H1N1, MRSA, Norovirus,E. Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, SARS/MERS, COVID)

  • inhibits recontamination


  • 30 min dwell time

  • layover & stoppage service

  • simple booking process


  • trained & qualified technicians 

  • proper certification 

  • industry leading hardware & consumables

full surface decontamination

Proper cleaning and disinfecting relies on removing the bio-burden (unsterilized bacteria living on a surface) from your environment. Improper usage of chemicals combined with ineffective application methods such as spot cleaning, make current processes ineffective and unsafe.


Floraclean leaves no stone unturned when conducting a full surface clean & decontamination. Our technicians employ a three step process to ensure that your environment is not only aesthetically appealing, but biosafe.


1. Clean: removes biofilm that may harbour micro-organisms. 5-10 min dwell time.

2. Disinfect: fast acting disinfectant is sprayed on all surfaces and fabrics. 5-10 min dwell time

3. Protect: nano coating is applied to prevent growth of bacteria, spores, viruses and mould.

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