post construction

Post Construction Cleanup

Floraclean can remove the remaining dirty, dust and grime from any construction project. We offer per foot pricing for post construction including initial and final cleans. Our teams are experiences in the safe removal of construction debris and effects from most surfaces.

Move-out / Spring Clean

Spring and fall is the time to pull everything out, scrub the hard to reach areas, unscrew the drains, clean the dusts and get rid of any build up not reached in weekly cleanings. Floraclean can help with projects such as kitchen ceilings, cupboards, washroom grout cleaning and other similar projects.

Pressure washing

Floraclean outdoor team uses high powered hot and cold water pressure washers to bring back the life of outdoor driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks and siding. Our techs ensure we are not causing damage to the surfaces and pre-spray cleaners if needed to loosen soils.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Floraclean uses three methods for carpet cleaning and are all LEED gold standard. Our carpet team will use the most appropriate method taking into account carpet fibres, access, and dry time. Our teams will first protect all furniture and valuables, vacuum carpeting, pre-treat spots and heavy traffic areas, clean the carpeting and replace any moved items.

Marble and Natural Stone Care

Floraclean stone techs can revitalize most natural stone surfaces. From kitchen counter tops, vanities and flooring, we use two methods to clean and bring back the high shine that has been lost from scratches and wear. We offer sealants and dyes if needed to enhance and protect the stone.

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