1. Positive first impression 

First impressions are deep and long lasting. Customers and employees will take notice of the state of a facility the instant they enter the door. Clean environments feel far more welcoming and will positively influence the reputation and standing of your business.

2. Positive company culture 

You may wish to ensure your company operates and adheres to the highest standards. We know this starts with your office’s appearance and environment. By providing a tidy and well maintained workplace it demonstrates to your staff, clients and visitors that you place high value on these qualities. Floraclean will clean your building and leave it pristine, resulting in your employees being more productive, comfortable and pleased to go to work.  Happy and healthy employees mean productivity rises, sick days decrease, and there are increased positive reviews from customers.

 3. Exemplary cleaning

Our staff are trained to provide high quality cleaning. Unless your employees have the expectation to clean written into their job descriptions, it cannot be expected they will automatically maintain shared work spaces. While it’s fair to ask your employees to keep their personal work areas tidy and well kept, it is unreasonable to expect they should undertake vacuuming and more intensive cleaning. Your employees ought to focus on the jobs you’re paying them to do and leave the cleaning to a professional cleaning service who will use their time efficiently and effectively. 

4. Reduce costs and save money 

Professional cleaners have thorough and proper training that allows them to complete jobs quickly and according to industry standards. They bring along vast experience and apply the best methods and approaches to cleaning. They have the correct tools, equipment and techniques to ensure your environment is left properly cleaned and sanitized (which is becoming all-the-more important given the spread of germs and viruses). They can also customize cleaning services to meet the unique demands of your building and assess the workplace to best determine what is required to get the job done.

5. Save time

Your focus should be on your business…whereas our focus is to clean! Floraclean removes the inconvenience and stress of trying to hire, train, and schedule employees for these tasks. We also save you from liabilities and other concerns that are part of managing additional staff. We will save you time and apply quality control to maintain optimal results. Don’t leave your office cleaning to just anybody… Contact Floraclean today to get your facility assessed!

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